How Long to Intermittent Fast for FAT LOSS | Benefits of Prolonged Fasting

In this video we’re going to talk about the optimal duration that one should fast in order to lose fat the fastest. We will specifically talk about intermittent fasting. Prolonged fasting like 48 hours or 72 hours is not covered in this video. We’ve also seen the health guru who eats 5000 calories in one meal in Dr. Oz show. It’s actually a thing a really effective thing. But we’re going to talk on what happens to blood glucose, insulin, glucagon and free fatty acid in our body when we fast more than a particular duration. Long term fasting has it’s benefits and the body and it’s metabolism takes different turns as we do long term fasting. However, when we do intermittent fating, we can attain optimal fat loss and health benefits, only if we fast beyond a particular point in time. Please watch this video till the end for new Giveaway announcement.

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