Transformation From Fat To Skinny 50lb Weight Loss

Hey everyone so in this video i am showing my hard long but very worth while journey of a weight losss. My fat gain began immediately after my bodybuildijg competition winning 1st in my class and 2nd in the mens class. I felt i needed to bulk up amd ate what ever i could and i mean it worked i got suprr strong and huge a massive 207lbs at the height of 5’4 which is a crap ton of weight not mentioning prior i was 145lbs on stage. So after soon realizing i was becoming obese and no longer having the image of the amazing bodybuilder i am i started to lean bulk down then start my real contest prep which last a total of 4 months and i lost all the fat and probably even a little more than i began with because i was much leaner then the year before on stage and i can admit to saying i prob gained 15lbs or more of lean hard mass! But will i ever bulk like this again? No i feel it takes away from the aesthetic nature i love to display year round and not just a couple months of each year – k9 gains

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